Razlika između KN95 i maski za jednokratnu upotrebu


     KN95 and disposable masks are different in their production process, protective effect, use occasion, etc. Today we will explain the difference between them.

     The biggest difference between disposable masks and KN95 masks is that disposable masks have 3 pleats. The mask becomes wider by stretching to open the mask to cover the mouth, nose, and chin. Generally, a 3mm wide nose strip is used. The nose wire before using the mask is Straight, you need to fold the nose bridge in half and hang it on the nose bridge by pinching it by hand to make the nose bridge close to the bridge of the nose to reduce air from entering the inside of the mask from above. Its fine dust (less than 2.5 microns) filtering effect is relatively low, the edge of the mask has no leak-proof requirements, and it is more comfortable to wear, but 40%-60% of the air volume is sucked into the body from the edge of the mask.


     The KN95 mask is composed of 5 layers of fabric. Generally, a 5mm wide nose wire is used. The nose strip has been folded in half during the production process. When wearing it, you only need to pinch the nose strip to fit the nose completely. It can effectively block dust (less than 2.5 microns). Another major function is to block the infected person from spreading virus-laden droplets to infect others. In addition to the dust filtering effect of KN95 is higher than that of medical masks, another feature is that it is designed according to the contour of the human face. The edge of the mask has good adhesion. When worn correctly, the air leaked from the edge of the mask is minimal. Due to the 5-layer fabric and good edge sealing of KN95 masks, it is not suitable to wear KN95 masks for strenuous exercise. Its protective effect is stronger than disposable masks, and the price will also be much more expensive than disposable masks.